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Originally Posted by GySgt 7291 View Post
Checked load data on Hodgdon and will start with 125gr Brazos Truncated Cone coated .358 diameter. Hodgdon data recommends .358 and I have plenty of Titegroup and CCI small primers.

A few questions in particular I have.
Are the 38/357 bullets the same diameter? From my measurements both jacketed bullets appear to be.
P+ loads, standard .38 casings OK to use?
Are small pistol primers adequate for .357 or magnum primers needed?
You can certainly load .38 Special with Titegroup and 125 gr bullet. Titegroup is a dense powder and a double charge will fit the old black powder case so you must be careful that the Dillon is running right and you do not double shuck the handle or fail to advance the plate.

Nominal bullet diameter for both .38 and .357 is .357" jacketed and .358" cast. There is a good deal of variation, though.

Yes, you can load .38 +P in standard cases. Starline even says there is no difference in their cases except the head stamp to identify the heavy loads. Skeeter Skelton, famous for his heavy .38 loads said he would only use cases three or four times for heavy loads and then relegate the brass to target loads.

Primer choice depends on the powder. A Mild Magnum with fast or medium burning powder would not require a Magnum primer. No 2400 does not require a Magnum primer. Most of the other powders you would use for full power Magnums will do better with Magnum primers.
Hodgdon kept it simple, all the loads they show for .357 Magnum are with Magnum primers, whether the powder is fast, medium, or slow.

Note: Be very careful if you load Magnums with top loads of Titegroup, a double charge of .38 target level TG might not hurt a Magnum revolver, but a double dose of a Magnum Power load would demolish it. The only gun blown up on my home range was a .357 that almost certainly got a double charge of a near maximum load of fast burning Bullseye.
I just don't do it and stick to slow powder like 2400 for Real Magnums.
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