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Originally Posted by WhySoBlu View Post
Ok, I'll bite. Those are some nice looking setups, but what makes one a "swamp gun", and the other a "clear cut" gun?
Swamp gun is .450 Bushy and the “clear cut scout” is in the original .308

I like a heavy bullet in brush / swamp. Range is not so important, I usually can’t see past about 60 yards anyway. Shots are much closer. I don’t want to shoot through any foliage, but sometimes it happens, I have more confidence in that 250 grain bullet - if it snips an unseen branch. Low powered optic on the bushy.

The .308 wears a 3x9 and can hit much further out. I have never needed 9x on a buck, but it makes me feel good to know I got it. I am extremely confident with the 08 out to 300 yards. That Ruger will have have no problem. Under the right circumstances I might try a longer shot, but my terrain rarely offers me that opportunity. I use it on the clear cuts or open bottoms.

This year I killed two bucks with the .308 and in both cases I was expecting to see them skirting an open area at about seventy yards with much longer shots possible. Both bucks were killed at about 30 yards (they snuck up on me). The buck I killed with the .450 was almost 90 yards in the swamp. I was not expecting him to follow my trail down, he caught my scent turned around and was heading back out... when he paused and looked back. Neck shot DRT.

I pick the rifle / cartridge that I think will be best in the terrain I hunt. Sometimes the deer don’t agree. They are both great Rifles.
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