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Originally Posted by Old Grey Hare View Post
I want to reply to her, but I will not join twitter or facebook. I find it preposterous that I can't find an email address for this c*nt!

If somoemne has it, share. She needs to hear that it's not to shoot the virus zombies, it's to protect our person and property and family and town when the jobless, moneyless hordes come.
You’ll find that most of these type “journalists” do not leave an easy address to reply. They don’t want anyone to pop their “bubble” ... or completely destroy their ridiculous thesis’ (theses’?).

And while I did try Twitter and Facebook when they first started, those accounts have been long since deactivated (many, many years) and I have no intention of reactivating them. Whenever a business (even a gun/ammo business) states “check our Facebook page”, I pretty much write them off (for whatever they’re pushing on their Facebook page).
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