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Originally Posted by magazineman View Post
I believe that China tried to ease restrictions and that the infection rate rebounded , so they went back into lockdown.

Don't quote me, that's from my wife who is watching this closer than myself.

As for "opening for business" by Easter, while we are currently on a rapid increase in cases, so easing restrictions is not very bright. It's increased to 55,502 known infected and 728 dead as of this morning.

To Re-Open without at least a significant reduction in new cases of infection would be dumb. And at this moment new cases are very much on the increase.
It is aspirational...It would be moronic not to start talking about opening up part of the country up again, to get the Governers and medical establishment looking at ways to put some people back to work...Even Cuomo speaks of this as a necessity and he is in a world of crap because of NYC right now.

It is not all or nothing...We can have many people working and still provide best-practices to keep the spreading to a minimum.

Premature death is sad, but this is not the end of civilization the Doom and Gloomers have been predicting.

And you are incorrect about China, they are opening up, some selected areas may be doing a do-over.
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