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Originally Posted by PolymerMan View Post
Excellent point. But all made for TV drama are exaggerated.

I'm a big fan of sci-fi and futuristic dystopian society type drama, and I have yet to see anything that is plausible. For example the SyFy channel had a series called "The Expanse", they sort of at first seemed to follow the laws of physics in what would be a plausible future colonizing the solar system and mining the asteroid belt... then it went to crap by the 2nd season.
I have to disagree. I absolutely hated the 1st season of The Expanse. It made no sense. The police that were assigned to the asteroid belt (near the end of the 1st season) hired a bunch of the criminals who's gang murdered one of the police officers earlier in the season, to work as police officers?????? How is that a "plausible future" in any universe? Also, the 1st season had lot of activity that made no sense as it was totally unexplained. The 2nd season, however, explained everything that was going on and things now made sense. I actually enjoyed the series beginning with the 2nd season.