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Fiber optic front sights and color choice.....

I have made Fiber Optic front sights by starting with an oversized dovetailed front sight blank. I then shape the front sight so that it is the proper width to allow a Fiber Optic light rod. It is oversized in height, so I will fit the sight to the dovetail to make a snug fit, then test fire the gun at the range using my preferred load for that gun. I like and use adjustable rear Bo-Mar style sights from Kensight, and will place the elevation of the rear sight about midway, so I have plenty of up and down adjustment if ever needed when changing bullet weights and bullet styles.

With the rear sight in the mid-elevation position, I then determine the POA vs. POI, and using a small portable machinist vise, I will place the slide in the vise and file the top of the sight lower until I have a shot group that is well centered to the proper POA vs. POI. I will then take the gun home, and will then take a small Dremel carbide ball cutting point, and make a shallow dimple in the correct position on the sight, so the top of the light rod will sit very close to the top of the sight. I then remove metal from the middle of the sight so the light rod can gather light, then use the proper drill bit to drill holes for the light rod to pass through the front and back of the sight. I will then carefully melt the ends of the light rod that are protruding through the sight, to make the appropriate size dot that will hold the light rod securely. My color choice for a light rod is green, but some people prefer orange/red. It just depends on the shooter......I like and use .060" diameter fiber optic rod diameters...…

If a person wants to order a F/O front sight, it is best to measure the height of the existing sight, then order a F/O sight of the same height, with the same style dovetail if a person has a dovetail front sight. Some mfg's make tenon style F/O front sights, but once the tenon is properly staked, a pin has to be used on the sight base to prevent movement, or the tenon in the slide has to be a rectangular fit in a rectangular cut in the slide..... I like and prefer a dovetail front sight cut on a slide.....

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