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So I pretty much did all of these suggestions. 1) Tested the extractor, it held an empty case just like the Youtube vids demonstrated. So I figured that was ok. 2) Removed the extractor, rounds always chambered from the mag with two cartridges. Hmmm ok. Well maybe it is the extractor. 3) Inserted two rounds into the bottom of the mags. Rounds chambered fine. So, maybe it is the mag springs. 4) Then I checked the slide stop. The inner lug is close, but I couldn't get anything to bump it. But during recoil - maybe?

So I'm thinking because the occasional case to my forehead is likely an extractor issue, this whole issue is related and it is an extraction issue. In the meantime I will likely order some mag springs just to be sure, and I can always use those in the future. At least low cost up front. I know from the Youtubers I can adjust the tension on the extractor, but if the occasional case is coming straight back is that something else? Perhaps replace that or is it something a layman like me could do?
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