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Caspian Officer Model

I have plenty of 1911 pistols, different manufacturers and calibers, but don't know much about Caspian 1911s. I'm in California, so any chance to pick up something "off roster" gets my interest. I also end up having to wait ten days to pick up whatever I buy, unless it's C&R eligible. So the best I can do for now is describe - not quite sure what I bought.

Stainless steel frame and slide are marked Caspian, 45 ACP barrel/slide looks like 3" and is bushingless. Series 70. Novak rear sight, 30 LPI checkered frontstrap. Looks like Officers grip, but seemed almost as short as my Detonics. Mag as a Metalform, which also makes Detonics mags, but no cut for the tail end of the follower to protrude. Am assuming Caspian didn't make a grip shorter than Officers, is that correct?

Pistol seems very well made. No play in the barrel hood, thumb safety (single sided) operates positively and stops solid on the downstroke. Beavertail GS perfectly blended.

Gun looks exactly like this one -


I know Caspian sells all that's needed for gunsmith assembly. From what I've read Caspian assembles and sells their own too, is that correct?

How would I know whether this was made by Caspian or outside their shop?

Any info on the gun appreciated.

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