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Parts unique to PO double stack SA trigger guns are the trigger, mag catch, grip panels, hammer and, sorta, the sear.

Later Para mag catches are polymer along with mainspring housings and triggers. I looked around for metal aftermarket and, IIRC, Dawson makes them still but you may need to await restocking. I found good aftermarket stuff for it in an auction. So a Dlask magnesium trigger, Dawson steel mag catch and VZ grips filled the bill. Oh, I also used a decent takeoff checkered mainspring housing. These parts took care of polymer parts replacement.

If you ever need a sear you will need a low mass type speed part with a good bit of material relief inside the upper arc. The standard cut sear design will not work with Para’s hammer design. Of course, the simpler fix would be to use any 1911 replacement hammer and sear set of your choosing, I did that as well since previous ownership fubar’d the sear.

Knowing the RIA doible stack uses same design parts but you may want to hold out for a Dawson or similar quality part.
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