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I can relate. I recently acquired a Loaded Target 9mm I will be posting about soon. I it is nice pistol and will some debugging/refining is a very nice pistol.

FWIW, at least you are using the Metalform (SA supplier of mags) with your pistol. I have had better luck with the Metalform mags than I have with WC in all my guns. I do use WC mags but realize no benefit to 2x the cost. Just mentioning this because from time to time you'll see some low use Metalforms for sale at good prices, as well as online vendors sales.
YMMV. Enjoy your pistol.
The modern production 1911 - high visibility sights, beavertail grip safety, aluminum trigger, good trigger pull, enhanced slide/ frame fit, accurized barrel/bushing fit. If itís not a Kimber, itís a copy.
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