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Single vs Double, 9 vs 45

I’m completely lost on this decision, and I just need someone to lay out their thoughts on me.

A week ago I was convinced that I’d buy a new Staccato P, and then started looking at their Staccato XC, and XL, and I’ve been wandering ever since.

I’ve been out of the 1911 world for some time. I bought a Glock 17 to play with, and just finished parting it out (actually made a $150 profit).

Because I was out of the scene, I had no idea that Nighthawk was building 2011 style pistols. So, here I am.

Uses.... Concealed carry (don’t mind a full size), range fun, informal competition with my girlfriend (against her Glock 19), general use in every manner imaginable.

It almost seems like a no brainer to get a double stack 9, since it seems to check off the practicality boxes, but I just can’t help but look at nighthawk and think “It should be a single stack 45, like God intended”.

Caveat.... This will have to be my last gun purchase in a long while. This thing need to be fun for years to come. New kitchen cabinets, a bathroom renovation, and a new deck, are right around the corner.

So, if you guys didn’t have any handgun, and were limited to Nighthawks lineup, and could only have one gun to fill those rolls, would it be a single or double stack, 9 or 45?

Oh, last add on... I reload. Currently setting the Dillon 650 up with a case and bullet feeder for 9mm, but also have all of the components to reload 45 with my case and bullet feeder as well.
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