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In reference to the warranty, I have been researching and contemplating the purchase of a Staccato P Duo. I prefer the stainless/hard chrome look which is not offered on the P Duo (but appears to be on the XL). Due to the warranty statements (no cosmetic alterations), I emailed the warranty department concerning how my having the gun hard chromed would affect the warranty. Herewith their reply:

Fw: 2020 Staccato P / P Duo
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Wed 1/29, 9:50 AM

We do not offer hard chrome on this model. If the hard chrome causes issues it could void your warranty. If something happens to the gun and it is not related to the hard chrome it will still be covered.

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For those more knowledgeable than I, how could hard chroming the pistol cause issues? Obviously I would be at their mercy if they threw the hard chroming flag. In my original email, I told them I would be happy to have STI hard chrome it, have them send it for hard chroming or I would send it to a hard chrome vendor of their choosing to stay in their good graces with the warranty.
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