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I have to agree I prefer the Gen1 Staccato P an the DVC pistols over the new Staccato offerings. Mainly because the prices went up ad features were removed.

In regard to the Staccato P, I picked up my first one a month ago. I fell in love with it because of how fast it shoots and how little recoil it has compared to just about every non-comped 1911/2011 I own or have shot.

As soon as I saw the Gen2 Staccato P, I ran out and bought a second Staccato P Gen1 before they dried up. Why?

- I MUCH prefer the aggressive look of the Gen1 (full rail, magwell, same length slide and dustcover). Gen2,with longer slide/barrel looks more like a range/target/competition gun.
- Gen1 the barrel is DLC coated, Gen2 it is NOT.
- Gen1 has the $79 magwell, Gen2 does not.
- Much prefer Gen1 hammer
- Much prefer Gen1 Grip Safety
- Much prefer Tree Bark Grip
- Don't like Butler Cut rail on the Gen2

I have noticed they have tried to use as many of the same components as possible on ALL of the staccato pistol line to streamline production and save money. As a result, I think as customers we lose out; we pay the same price or more for the Gen2 pistol and lose some very nice features. We also lose out on the more custom look and features of the DVC line.

While I prefer the Tree Bark Grip, I also like the Gen2 Grip as long as it has the slim tactical magwell on it! I also bought a spare grip, the Tan Costa Grip in case I want to switch things up a little

My New STI Staccato Ps - I grabbed them before they dried up

Boy are these guns Super Fast and Flat Shooting - Recoil is Super Mild and Happens VERY Quickly

As of Yesterday I have over 1K rounds down-range with them combined

They LOVE all the different SYNTECH Loads - Been running 115gr Range, 124gr Range and 150gr Action Pistol

Been Carrying my P Daily for 3 weeks now

Love my DVC L that started my STI bug 3 months ago

First 3 shots were DEAD CENTER

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