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Originally Posted by jjfitch View Post
Yes, the training group I used to be associated with encourages all ages and abilities and were committed to safety and everyone's success! Our application asked if anyone has "special needs" to speak with the director in advance for accommodation needs.

I have no idea what planet "Pocketshaver" is from!

All the best in 2020,
Im from Michigan. And the classes I referenced were located in Michigan.

Wanting people to complete shooting events in order to get a CPL or even to learn BASIC GUN SKILLS , that are based on training standards for Green Berets and Navy Seals is rather farfetched of an idea.

No state mandates a person be required to swing on a rope for 5 minutes, or run across an open field before shooting at a target. So how do the little training classes get away with that ****?
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