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New Super Sentinel Range Report

Picked up my Super Sentinel Monday, 2 Dec 19 (kitted 9 Aug 19). Pretty standard except for gold bead front sight and all parts black. Also moved slide engraving to dust shield and changed font from block to script.

Got it to the range today.

Fired 150 rounds Sig Sauer Elite Performance 125g FMJ, targets 1 (3 yards) , 2 (7 yards), and 3 (3 yards). Target 3 also had 20 rounds of Sig Sauer V-Crown 125g JHP fired into the head at 3 yards.

Finished up with 20 rounds of Underwood 124g +P JHP into the chest and 20 rounds of Underwood 90g +P Extreme Defender into the head, both at 7 yards.

So 210 rounds downrange of mixed types.

There were zero malfunctions. I did NOT field strip/clean prior IAW break in instructions. Applied Wilson Lite Oil prior to any rounds being fired and after every fifty rounds I fired (with exception of last 10 - just finished the 20 round box). I did inadvertently engage the slide stop twice, once in first 50 and once in last 50 rounds of FMJ, stopping process before magazine empty. Been shooting a lot of Sig P365, so Iím sure just an issue of not consistently watching grip like I do with the P365.

On target 1, I fired one eye aiming into rings 1 and 2. All following rounds were 2 eyes open on all targets. Targets 3 and 4 were all double tap (from rest position start) with second round as soon as back on target (or when target repositioned itself if it moved on first shot).

Sights seem to be a bit left (even included target was a bit left of center). Nothing I canít live with, gun very capable of performing job it was built for. It could also be me, as some hits seem to be more centered, just majority left. Will slow down next range trip, but with astigmatism and both eyes open, always a challenge. I donít use special glasses for range EDC shooting as not very probable Iíd be wearing them in a real world event. Likely need to get used to gold bead sight as well.

I have a .38 Super DW Guardian (bought in 2015) and a .38 Super Colt Government (early 2019), neither of which worked out of the box (still fighting with the Colt). It was refreshing to obtain a .38 Super that actually works!

I very much look forward to finishing the break in process, giving it a thorough cleaning and taking some glamour shots to share with everyone!

Target 1

Target 2

Target 3

Target 4
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