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Originally Posted by US1911 View Post
That’s a nifty solution, I dig it, especially if you have the Axis configuration. If not, I’m rather partial to the inexpensive plastic coated wire racks. They’re affordable, save space, have easy access and spare mags/grips can be stored under them.

Plus, it’s easy to snatch the entire tray and move it over to the cleaning table.

For single pistol display stands, it’s hard to beat custom crafted wood.

However, I dig these single plastic stands too.
I thought so, really works well for me. I do like the particular solution you choose when your not able though. Although I think the coated plastic hanger or thing where you put the barrel on a metal hanger coated or not isn't something I think I would want to do. They probably are perfectly fine but for some reason I'm just not sold on that idea.

I like those wood and plastic display stands. Do you mind sharing where you got them from?
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