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Originally Posted by Jason D View Post

Remington knows how to build a 1911. They were contracted to make them all the way back during WWI. I have been pleased with my two, and they are just the base models (R1 R1S). It's that currently, they are blowing guns out the door that are made to the cheapest standards. Quality control suffers when that happens.

You are probably safe buying one if...

1. You can get it cheap.
2. Have the ability to trouble shoot and solve issues should they arise.
3. Understand that the gun you buy is being put out by a company with little to no quality control, and most likely would not be a lot of help to you should you need warranty work.

If you want a base gun that is good right out of the box, is forged, and has a warranty that the company will stand behind. Then take a look at the sub 500 dollar Springfield Milspec Defender. It is 10 times the gun quality wise than any current model Remington.
I do understand that no quality control is basically like picking numbers from a hat, but that’s why I’ve asked opinions because I have heard about their customer service as well. The last few have said theirs have run great so that leaves me to think that the quality is there without checking. This gun is basically going to be a beater gun, but I’m not going to treat it like dirt either. So as long as it functions properly after the break in period then I’ll be happy. It’s just that small chance that I will get a bad apple that bothers me

Also, what is the difference between the defender series and the regular Mil-Spec on the Springfield?
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