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So far I've been really impressed!

Originally Posted by Trent.45 View Post
Hey guys, Iím currently in the market for a new 1911 GI style to eventually make my carry gun. I considered the R1 being that Remington has the rebate going on right now. However, Iím not sure if I wanna get one from the reviews that Iíve read. From needing repairs right out of the box, to extractor issues and malfunctions when shooting. Also, Iíve read about the cheap parts that are on the pistol as well. I know Iím not going to get top notch quality for the ď1911 price rangeĒ that it falls in, but at the same time, if these issues are still occurring Iíll just get another RIA or the Springfield model Iíve been looking at. Most of these reviews have been a little dated, so I would like to know what is the quality of these guns now? Has Remington gotten better with the production? Hopefully they have because it is a nice looking gun
I have a modest collection of 1911's. 2 Colts, 3 Springfield Armories (including on EMP 40 S&W), and one Kimber Ultra-Carry. Nothing fancy or customized. A week ago the local Bass Pro Shop ran an ad on the Remington R1. I had won a couple of gift certificates there and with their sale, the $75 rebate and my gift cards, I figured "what the heck", I'll add to my collection for about $375 out of my pocket. I bought it, brought it home, lubed in and loaded the clips (I live on 35 acres and shoot off my back porch). First shot, jam! I thought "oh, crap, here we go!). I put one drop of oil on the feed ramp and so far I've run about 100 rounds through the gun without a hitch. I even shot a box of Tulammo steels through it with no problems. I had read this gun won't shoot anything but hardball. Bull woppy. It shoots my 200 SWC lead reloads just fine.

I know Remington has really been going down over the last 10 years or so, but so far I'm really happy with this R1. I hope I don't have issues with it as I have read, as have others, that their customer service stinks. The Bass Pro guy that sold it to me even said that if I had an issue, TRY to send it back to Remington first and if they wouldn't help me, bring it back there and they would send it off for repair (meaning Remington might give them more attention than a single customer).

It does shoot everything but my 185 grain HP reloads a tad low, but it groups ok and the windage is perfect.
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