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Originally Posted by JimCunn View Post
"if you tried to modify a 13 round plastic follower to allow 15 rounds it would become unstable and jam".

There's a way to go from 13 to 15 while retaining stability. You trim/grind the sides of the 13-round follower up from the bottom creating a shelf midway up, so that the lower 'half' of the follower is reduced in size enough to nest within the spring. It will still be stable after the mod.
The 15rd magazine followers are completely hollow.The spring rests at the top of the hollow follower. That is why I worry about modifying 13rd mags to take an extra round. Spring over compression is what ruins springs. I have not looked at a 13rd and 15rd Mecgar spring side by side to see how many coils they each have. That would be interesting.
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