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If you depress the 13th round you see that there is very little that needs to be removed from the bottom of the follower to allow a 14th round to be inserted.

What is 'normal'? By definition of being less distance, it is beyond normal spec. Is it outside of useful and safe range? No, its probably still longer than when the same spring is used in a MecGar 15 rounder.

Press down on the 13th round, then disassemble the mag and examine the base of the plastic follower. I am very certain the length of the legs of the plastic follower are the length they are merely to follow the P-35 tradition of holding 13 rounds. I am certain the legs function to keep the follower aligned and if you tried to modify a 13 round plastic follower to allow 15 rounds it would become unstable and jam. No such problem exists at 14 rounds.
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