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Well, here’s my take on Sig. they tend to be very clunky pistols that just work and are usually quite accurate. I have a few, my STX 1911 comes out of their custom shop and works quite nicely. I carry a p938 because it just works and is quite Accurate, particularly for a 3” gun. My p320rx is the first Sig I bought, damn accurate but leaves me “meh” ,,plastic gun ya know.

When my son Asked me for recommendations when all this c-19 business started I reminded him that he lives just down the road from Sig so go talk to the. Pro Shop guy’s (it’s like a Disneyland for gun guy’s, good people there ) where they followed up on my recommendation for a m17, they spent over an hour with him, showing many piece’s to him and helping to make sure he got the right piece for him. Speaks volumes to the kind of people they have there, highly recommended !
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