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I acquired my pistol from Para back in the '70s in a swap deal. I had bought a WartHog that was a real POS. After sending it back about three times for various issues I asked they just swap it for a different pistol entirely, and they went along with it. What I asked for, and received, was a OPS, PCWX745S with 3.5" barrel. It doesn't have any PXX type designation. I have performed a technical comparison with other officer models of various makes (that means I laid mine on top of theirs) and it is the same size. The small manual I got with it is for ten various types of Para pistols, and of course in the text they make reference to various designations and characteristics but don't specify which of them apply to which pistols. But anyway, I guess I'll hold on to it and hope for the best. I'm 80 years old so it may outlive me.

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