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I've had my DVC-P since the end of November and have had some issues in this area. The first week I put about 800 rounds through it mostly Magtech 115. After about 3-400 I started getting failure to return to battery, failure to lock open, then double feeds and stove pipes. I sent it back and they returned it about 8 days later good service. The STI gunsmith said he put in an 8 pound spring (he said the 8,9,10 look the same and sometimes get switched) then oiled the hell out of it. I should note when I initially got it before using I cleaned and oiled it. When I got it back I used Blaser Brass 124 for a little more recoil. I made it through a USPSA match and about 8-900 rounds before I started getting the same issues starting with failure to lock open. The STI GS had said to clean after about 5-600 rounds. So I had it deep cleaned (Ultrasonic) and well oiled. I put 200 rounds through today no issues. Here is what I'm looking at going forward. Blaser Brass fires a little dirty, I'll be switching to a cleaner 124 grain. I'm putting a little oil on the rails after use (150-250 rounds for me generally). Options I'm looking at going forward. T1 ammo is local and may be able to make a clean 124 with a slightly increased charge. Also I may look at a 7 1/2 lb spring.
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