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Originally Posted by PolymerMan View Post
This could spell disaster for us.

There is literally no where to evacuate to since they cannot pin down the exact location on the peninsula where it will hit.

Gas became practically unavailable as of yesterday. I made three attempts to top off my vehicles and fill my gas cans for my generators.

I finally found a gas station at 12:30 am (Past midnight) thanks to an android app called "Gas Buddy".

I'm going to make another fuel run to top off my F250 which acts like my fuel reservoir, because I can siphon gas out of its 30 gal. tank. Plus, keeping fuel in a vehicle is safer than those plastic gas cans.

I highly recommend that app, "gas buddy" for people in Florida. It will identify all the gas stations in your area and when you click on the icon on a map, it will tell you if they have gas, diesel and power. That is how I found one of the few gas stations nearby that just got gas in around midnight. I got there just in time, no wait. Then as I was filling up, a line began to form around the block.

It turns out others are using similar apps and also people are posting on social networks. So the problem is if you don't have either an app or a social network to help you find gas... you could end up burning gas driving around or waiting in line.

Yesterday, earlier in the day I waited for almost 1 hour in line at two different stations only to be told that they just ran out of gas.

Frankly I have never seen the gas situation as bad as this and we are still 4 to 5 days away from a hit. I've gone through three previous hurricanes in the past 20 years and I have never seen the gasoline situation this bad.

I attribute this to everyone having generators.

This situation is all up and down the peninsula which means if someone decides to evacuate and hits the road, not only could you be going into harms way, but you could run out of fuel trying to get out of the state.
The time to prepare is BEFORE hurricane season, buy Rec 90 ethanol free gasoline and treat each 5 gallon can w/1 oz. of Stabil...Will be good for at least a year, and if no storm comes, you can always use it in the lawnmower or dump it in your vehicle.

Bottled water is good for about two years, check the dates, keep several cases on hand 24/7...BTW..Stores are re-stocked and the Gas stations are up and running again.

We evacuated for Irma, that was a mistake. Bumper to bumper traffic and rest areas that looked like 3rd world countries with FHP standing directing traffic in and out. Never again.

I did Owner/Builder on the house and built it to exceed the Miami-Dade building code, Reinforced concrete with downpours every 4 ft and poured tie-beam.. 5/8 Plywod with peel n stick and O/C Duration Shingles held down w/ Simpson strong tie US mfg.SS nail on a Hip Roof... Aluminum DC approved panels over the the windows.

Last Hurricane I spent down south was Andrew.... I saw the devastation and damage in Country walk and Saga bay... also desperate people putting drywall over their windows when they couldn’t get plywood.

Stay Safe!

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