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I've never kept track of how many rounds I shoot. Maybe that's something I should do. For me, I don't see how I can tell if I'm proficient or not by the amount of rounds I've shot. I think that's something I'll figure out by improved range practices. I think to really be proficient with their carry gun, one has to not only practice with their carry gun but also practice with a .22 trainer. For those of us with 1911's and Glocks, we just need a .22 top end. Buying a good gas-powered airsoft gun that's the same as your carry gun and practicing with that and dry-firing all help to be more proficient. It all comes together after attending shooting schools or classes and using all these tools to practice everything you've learned. Putting live rounds down range isn't really necessary to become proficient since most of your training can be done with dry-firing and airsoft. Going to the range just helps verify that what you've been doing has been right. There's an excellnt thread on the subject similar to this at Warriortalk... http://warriortalk.com/showthread.php?t=749
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