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Originally Posted by CTI1USNRET
How many rounds do you think it takes to become proficient with your weapon? Reload practice? Clearing jams practice?
First you have to decide what "proficient" is. It also depends on your practice sessions. Some folks blow hundreds of rounds in a single session and don't improve anything. Practice doesn't make perfect...perfect practice makes perfect. In other words you should focus on the basics and then concentrate on your weaknesses. It helps greatly to have someone with you who knows what to look for like jerking the trigger, losing focus on the front sight etc.

I would advise you to become comfortable with immediate / remedial action drills...what to do if the gun jams or fails to fire. One way to practice this is using dummy rounds that aren't loaded with powder or primer.

Once you have the basics of grip, stance, sight picture, trigger control and follow through down you can maybe begin some drawing from a holster (with gun empty). until you can do it smoothly , coming from holster to target (sight picture) with proper grip established. This can be followed by dry fire shooting (with no ammo), until you have the feel of it.

The rest depends on how far you want to go. What I have described is just the beginning. I have been doing this for about 12 years and so my definition of "proficient" is probably a little different. When you can handle everything from draw to jams to hitting the target you're on your way but by that time I thinkl you'll discover the more you think you know, the more you have to learn...it never ends.

If you have the means...get professional instruction this will save you time in un-learniing bad habits that you may start out with.


Good Luck

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