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I would say if you took a pistol shooting course from one of the many well known shooting schools, in which you'll shoot approximately 3000 rounds in five days of 8-10 hours-per-day of shooting, that at the end of that course you'll have the fundamentals of basic shooting down. From that base you can then either take more advanced courses, which I would highly recommend, or practice on your own.

Once you have the fundamentals of pistol shooting down, the key is PRACTICE. Practice, practice, practice. The more you practice, the better you'll become. I would say that everyone should shoot a bare-bones minimum of once a month, with a more recommended amount of shooting being once a week (i.e. every weekend). Get into reloading because that really takes the bite out of ammo costs; besides it's fun.

If you don't take lessions from one of the well known schools, then you're gonna have a hard time CORRECTLY learning the basics of pistol shooting. Then you'll just be practicing bad techniques over and over; reinforcing that which you're doing wrong.

Learning how to shoot from your buddy, may or may not be a good idea. Depending upon what sort of skill level your buddy has and whether or not your buddy has the teaching skills to be able to adequately translate his knowledge of shooting skills (given that he has them in the first place) to you.

The bottom line is I would highly recommend taking a basic five day pistol course from one of the great schools, namely: Thunder Ranch, Gunsite, Sig Academy and Blackwater - to name just a few of the better known ones.
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