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From the OP: "My thoughts are that the first time I tried these loads my gun failed to cycle due to being dirty and dry, as in somewhere around 600 rounds without cleaning and only a drop or two of oil on the slide. I was testing at the time to see how many rounds I could shoot before the gun failed to function. This time around the gun only had about 50 rds through it and was oiled properly. Also of note, the springs are the factory rate of 18lbs recoil and 23lbs main spring."

Also a competitor and reloader for over 40 years.....

Conventional wisdom dictates that every firearm no matter how many rounds or how much time has elapsed, requires a little lube before a range session. This is cheap insurance against a malfunction due to a dry gun. Lubrication migrates and evaporates over time and shooting.

I carry a small container of my favorite lubricating oil (Syn. ATF) in each range bag. as soon as a firearm comes out it gets a minimum of 6 drops of oil.
1 to each side of the slide fore and aft 4 total!
1 to the bushing
1 to the hammer

Once a week my carry guns get the same treatment.

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