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Originally Posted by TRSOtto View Post
Caked on crud??? On a new gun??? I call BS......unless it's some POS Eastern Bloc war relic.

I unpack more new guns in a week than most folks will ever see in a lifetime. Been doing so for the last 5 years. In those 5 years, I have never....not once.....have I seen a gun packed in grease. It simply doesn't happen. It may have in the distant past.....but it doesn't happen today. 100% of every new gun I've unpacked....and it's literally thousands of every brand imaginable....is coated with a light oil.
It wouldn't take much of that light oil to stick enough of a bit of cardboard or other packing material in a barrel to ruin it with the first shot and perhaps you should open up the action of a new SP-101 sometime if you want to see what the lesser manufacturers leave behind by skipping the steps of flushing and air blasting components after machining operations...
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