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Originally Posted by Nitro.45 View Post
Within the last two years, Two Sigs, A Henry and a Desert Eagle. ALL OF THEM had slightly gritty residue mixed in with a heavy “packing oil” (since there is a problem with using “grease” to describe it). The Henry’s action was pretty stiff and I was amazed at the particulate matter that was removed from the innards when it was disassembled. Smooth as silk with a nice coating of Browning oil afterwards. Ever disassemble a Desert Eagle? Didn’t think so......that’s grease dammit! Sigs were pretty clean, but still, there was residue that needed to be removed.
Otto, is it your practice to strip down and clean all weapons that make it to your shop? Nope on that one either? Then how would you know what the innards are like? Choice is yours, but there is a sufficient amount of crap and “packing” oil that should be cleaned before firing a new weapon. I wonder why the manufacturer recommends doing this......just to piss everyone off?
OCD is an affliction for sure. Anal is as anal does. One man's clean is another man's filthy. You and I are clearly on opposite sides of the spectrum. I bought more guns last week than you bought last year. None of em needed cleaning prior to firing.

Happy scrubbing.
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