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Originally Posted by yeti View Post
The way I read Nitro's post is that post firing crud needs to be cleaned after powder residue gets in the factory storage/shipping lube. You seemed to hone in on the "grease" comment. I know what he meant...factory storage/shipping lube. Sticky heavy viscosity oil. No not really grease, but that stuff lives in the netherworld between grease & oil.
Uninformed new owner is cursing his brand new POS gun for jamming because... it hasn't been cleaned at all. I've seen it too.

Unpacking an Armscor/RIA? Unreal.
Sticky heavy oil??? On a new gun?? Not in my experience either.

Good Lord.....what are you guys buying??? Cause it's not a Smith, a Ruger, a Brown, a Colt, a Springfield, a Wesson, a Walther, an HK,a Benelli, a Guerrini, a Browning, any AR, a SIG, a Kimber, a Henry, a Winchester, a CZ, a Wilson, a Nighthawk, a Sauer, an FN....

What guns are you guys buying that are covered in a sticky heavy oil??? Cause it ain't any that I've ever unpacked nor is it any of those brands listed.
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