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Not for the squeemish

NOT FOR THE SQUEEMISH (you know who you are)
Just remove starboard grip panel, pull out thumb safety paddle end (left hander's dumby end), toss in box, replace cover. Sure, the beavertail doesn't have quite as much bearing at it's pivot point, but the original setup with the loosey-goosey ambi shaft didn't provide that much to start with, plus the B-tail doesn't travel fast, far or have strain on it. Joyfully, this portion of the Taurus PT 1911 is not rocket science and easy to see the functioning parts, their relationships and stresses.
And as far as dirt/lint issue...the open hole doesn't lead into the internals...
When you get time, buy replacement full shaft safety on-line, get fitted by local smitty if your new safety doesn't function or feel right.
legal disclaimer; "if simply reading this mod throws you into fits of fear for your safety, then do not attempt this extremely dangerous and insane modification on your own."
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