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You cannot remove the RH lever and leave half of the pin unsupported inside the frame. You can have the ambi safety replaced with a standard safety. Some advanced gun owners can make this change, which unvolves fitting. I had mine done by a 'smith. The type ambi safety Taurus uses can be very troublesome as they tend to come apart at the joint. I did everything possible to mine to make it be reliable, but there is no long-term fix. I took it out and peened the spade end in such a way as to make it thicker at the end, then I pinched the female side just a little. This did make a secure fit, but the next time I fired it the RH side started coming out again. I don't use an ambi safety anyway, so that's when I decided to change it since I was getting ready to have some other parts installed. In order to still have the ambi safety, you can replace it with one of the other design where the RH lever is fastened to the pin outside the frame and is removable for takedown. I used Wilson 'Value-Line' parts for the hammer, sear and safety.

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