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Originally Posted by HT77 View Post
Everything we read must be read in context to discern the meaning. Like I said I could go down the list and prove it. Moyers does not want less government. He wants more of it and more taxes for those who work and more welfare for those who don't. If you know what he believes and then go down your list, you will have a better understanding. His understanding of the 2008 financial meltdown, based on his comment in your list, was it was caused by George Bush and greedy bankers. The truth is the roots of it were a misguided Democrat attempt (Carter and Clinton) to allow people who don't qualify for loans to get those loans anyway which of course resulted in massive defaults. Moyers had no problem with having government force banks to make those loans at all. He just blames the banks when it all turned to crap. That is just one example.
It didn't end with home loans either. I bought a brand new GMC and I never even filled out a credit check form. The bank simply wrote me a check.
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