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Originally Posted by AdamG247 View Post
This Nation was built on the principals of Open and unhindered debate. I think we have gotten this wrong. Instead of closing debate, perhaps we should be more focused on dealing with the Offenders whom can not debate in a respectful and polite manner.

Debating among ourselves helps us see our own weaknesses as 2A proponents. Suffocating this exchange will only work to our own detriment in the long run. Shutting our eyes to the issues, weaknesses and potential pitfalls. I am currently working to help the Local GOP Committee develop talking points and Political Action Plans, for what our message needs to be and how to best deliver this message. I have drawn upon this very Forum as an incredible mining tool. There are some remarkable deep thinkers in here. On both sides of the issues! I am sad to see constructive conversation cease. So to will the sharing of ideas, thoughts and talking points. To win this election cycle we Must know our Enemy. We must know how they think and the arguments they will proffer. Essentially putting our heads in the sand, is not the answer.

While I understand the extra strain this has placed on our Admins and in some regards I can related to their decision. I implore them to rethink this total and complete ban. Consider a set of hard and fast Debate Rules that will apply in the 2A section. Anyone who violates them gets an automatic 2 week vacation. No warnings, no hesitation. Make the conversation polite, gentleman like and respectful.

It was never the debate that was the problem. It was particular individuals who confused debating with Street Fighting.

Perhaps I will be treated to my own 2 week vacation for sharing my opinion. I hope not, and I think this is the best Moderated Forum on the Internet. I support this Forum with my pocketbook and will continue to do so, vacation or not.

But I felt compelled to point out that we may be throwing the baby out with the bathwater. This will be my last word on this subject should the Admins stay the course. If however, they decide to reconsider I offer my services to the Admins in developing "2A Debating Rules" or the like.
I agree and feel compelled to share support on this perspective. We talk a lot about not compromising when it comes to 2A rights, but forum leadership has taken a hardline position of silencing critical analysis and open debate about Donald Trump. VERY much their prerogative, yet just a bit undemocratic, which is ironic all things considered.

If Trump ends up faltering on this bid to secure Second Amendment rights as it pertains to Congressional legislation and the SCOTUS, by either failing once in office or fatally screwing up his chances to actually get elected, the voices of certain pro-gun elements (who voted for him) will have been silenced and shut out of the 1911forum record of discourse. That said, I'll say no more on this. I do sincerely appreciate and respect the forum (with both my posts and my paycheck).