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Said it before, and I'll say it one more time, for those who may not have decided yet. While Trump may present some unknowns, and it is true we don't know exactly what he will do as POTUS, we know without any doubt what Hillary and her ilk will do. I have to agree with LW, the Democrats have totally run this country into the ground. This morning when I turned on the news, first story I heard was about folks in Milwaukee burning cars and rioting, excuse me, "protesting". Protesting what? That a police officer had shot a fleeing felon with a rap sheet a mile long, who had a firearm, which he clearly should not have had. With all the laws we have in this country, and especially here in Cali, how is it that gangsta's keep getting their hands on them? And why are people protesting when a cop does his job to protect the innocent? This country is so backward it's not even funny anymore. In Milwaukee county you have a black sheriff condemning the actions of people in his own community. Does that tell you anything? Wake up and smell the coffee folks.