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I originally joined the forum to participate in technical discussion regarding the 1911….
I have drifted over here on occasion to see what's being discussed and found comments that both encouraged and discouraged me…. and even made comments trying to limit myself to objectively considered comments, mostly on constitutional issues.

I am 67 have been a shooter/owner since I was 7 and grandda taught me to shoot with a model 1890.
I have been an LEO for going on 40 years
I believe in the second amendment but I am not a single issue voter

I don't know that it matters much to the forum, the folks that continue here, or the outcome of any election….. but you have lost and alienated many would be supporters of our causes…. republican, independent, and yes democratic alike.

Your forum, your rules…. I respect that. Deleting from my favorites…feel free to delete me as well.