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Some ranges, especially the more advanced club's require one to be an NRA-Member in good standing if you want to join (my Club does this)...It is not a stretch to acknowledge the notion that this 1911 Forum "Club" requires one to support the only Presidential candidate who supports 2A, or if you can't do this, at least keep one's typing fingers under control...This is not a 1A issue, it is a 2A issue, this is a gun-forum, privately owned, whose very survival may be at stake if Hillary gets in...Bashing Trump, and continually parroting the Liberal Media's bull-crap, isn't going to do a dam thing besides spread doubt and demotivate follow gun-owners not to vote in Nov...99% of the bashing accomplishes absolutely nothing for our cause and is very often an emotional outburst and sometimes trolling (we do have some here, they aren't hard to spot). If you are (truly) interested in giving suggestion's (as some have claimed) to Trump, send his staff an e-mail...MHO of course.
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