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Originally Posted by Russ Jackson View Post
This site is becoming very political. LW McVay thank you for directing the forum in this direction and not allowing members with the wrong viewpoint to post here. 1911 Forum Lives Matter!
It has, but that's because this election is different. With so much at stake, and such strange picks for the candidates, emotion cannot help but boil over.

I like a man who leads by example. LW hates Trump, or did in the primaries anyways, some of the funniest name calling was coined by him. I remember it clearly. But now that time is over, and it's time to do what needs to be done. It's Trump or bust, it's just that simple. Loud mouth and poor choice of words aside, look at his rallies, then look at Hilary's. Enough said. The New York Times and CNN aren't fooling anybody except the fools.

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