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But I felt compelled to point out that we may be throwing the baby out with the bathwater. This will be my last word on this subject should the Admins stay the course. If however, they decide to reconsider I offer my services to the Admins in developing "2A Debating Rules" or the like.
The problem with that is it would still have to be moderated. I don't think any forum wants to try to moderate a political debate in an election year. I'm amazed that this forum even attempts to do such a thing given that 2A is such a hot issue this time. I appreciate their time and effort to make that possible. I also understand the logistics and possibly the economic impact of doing that.

I will say this in your support however. The way the adm has gone about this it appears that they have made a political statement and taken a political position. Sort of like one of those 30.06 signs in Texas.
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