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Originally Posted by NonHyphenAmerican View Post
Ya know?

I don't blame the Administrators and Moderators.

Posting on this site is similar to being in their house.

It is their house.

Paid for by them.

Built by them.

Maintained by them.

So while we all have "Freedom of Speech", we also have an obligation to be courteous while in someone else's house.

After all, you'd expect that same courtesy in your own house.

So anyone who doesn't like how this site is administered or moderated, kindly build your own site at your own expense.

Then, you can say anything you want to.

I for one appreciate the opportunity to post here.

I've learned lots about 1911's, reloading and BHP's.

I've also enjoyed discussing and debating within the framework of the rules of this site.

Rules are rules and I understand that.
But just to be clear there are a few of us that help pay for this site.
51 posts and I count 5 supporters.
That's pretty sad.