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What it comes down to is simple.

Anything has a "Value" based on its usefulness at the time.

.22lr can be "Valuable" for a number of reasons.

I don't "Hoard", but I'd gotten in the habit of shooting a brick and buying 2 bricks and dis so until I had a decent supply built up. Now that .22 is back, when I find some, I buy a brick or two when available and will continue to do so.

I also have a "Bank" account of ammo in different calibers in addition to a "Bank" account of loading supplies. (Primers, Powder, Bullets)

I don't think if it as "Hoarding", I just like knowing I have a supply on hand. It's the same with Toilet Paper. I don't just buy 4 rolls at a time.

But then we live in a rural town without a 24 hour 7 day a week store. If I wake up in the middle of the night with Montezuma's Revenge, I have a supply of TP, Imodium, Pepto and Antacids. I do not have to figure out how to do the 30 mile round trip to get it. It's here.

As for:

This will sound crazy to many butI like the idea of bringing an old outdated obsolete M1 Garand with me. The gun is heavy, the ammo is heavy and bulky but if you hit something it will go down.
My "Oh S***" gear includes a cartridge belt with 10 clips for the Garand, two clips on the Garand Sling and the cartridge belt has a holster for the 1911 along with mag pouches for eight full 8 round mags in addition to the Marine Fighting Knife my FIL carried on Guadalcanal. I will probably grab the 1911 that's handy, which means I'd have 73 rounds of .45acp and 96 rounds of .30-06 for the Garand ready to simply sling on and ready to go.

It won't keep me "Armed" for an eternity, but it's ready to go and it'll certainly be a good
"Critter Deterrent" tool belt.
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