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.22lr is a fine hunting cartridge in most parts of North American bush. Shotgun is probably the most versatile hunting firearm because you can take a Grizzly with a copper slug or a rabbit with some shot, and everything in between. It's also good for two legged critters in oo buckshot. But the weight of a shotgun loadout is significant. I would prefer to hunt with a. 22lr with minimag or a. 22 magnum in a 16"+ barrel, suppressed. African hunters have been using. 22 for many years for game as large as waterbuck. Think of the Welrod and other. 22 covert close in weapons platforms. A suppressed twenty two rifle is exactly what you would want for recon in a domestic environment. If you were doing recon with a trained military foe, you would want a supressed nato rifle. Your women and children can handle it and you can carry two thousand rouds easily, what more could you ask for. Having seeds that produce fertile seeds would be critical in a doomsday scenario and keeping critters out of your garden would be the real challenge. I've worked overseas and been involved in numerous humanitarian operations and I've done recon behind enemy lines, and I've seen the system break down. I was in a position to assist and develop security to get things setup and running. Water is often the first thing to go and electricity. The store shelves will be bought out and pillaged often before the actual event. I think most rural Americans would be fine as long as you can pump water and grow a garden. The time between garden harvest will separate the survivors from the latter. Working as a community and helping each other, hunting and gathering will be required. The cities will see opportunistic criminals and they will rove the countryside to pillage, but the militias will kill them because they won't be well fed and well armed. Just like Noah Webster the founding father of standardized educational publications we will all want to be active members of the local militia. I bet they don't teach this to the children the importance of the right to bear arms... Every little war zone I've been to has one thing in common, the tyrants have all the guns. I hope we don't fall into the same fallacy here in the USA.
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