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Originally Posted by Taxed2death View Post
Wow! I kinda thought you were kidding at first, but apparently not.

10,000 rounds means you have 10,000 rounds, not zero. I'm not a math genius (well, actually I might be), but you don't have to be to see THAT! If I have 10,000 rounds when it becomes unavailable in the store, it means I have 10,000 more rounds than the guy that has none and goes to the store to buy some once it is unavailable. That's sort of the idea here. It also means I have 10,000 rounds of PAID FOR ammo if the feds place a tax or other abusive levy on ammo to make it unaffordable. And if they try to confiscate it? Well, I have 10,000 rounds to dispute the notion.

Oh, and if 10,000 rounds bothers you, then you would find my inventory absolutely loathsome! Frankly, I usually see the "hoarder" accusation coming from people that just have sour grapes over their failure to have thought ahead and bought ammo when it was plentiful and cheap(er). One thing I won't do, and that's apologize for having more ammo than YOU think I should have!
The amount of ammo one has...is of no concern to me....it is a free country.

I was disssing a mental aberration where one can not satisfy their OCD for ammo. Hoarders.
Estate sales. ..I love them.

We all do what makes us feel good.....secure...comfortable.
push on brother. ...
........law is not necessarily justice, nor is justice necessarily legal
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