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Originally Posted by dead eye View Post
Same thing too expensive to shoot = no shooting
same thing
Not really.

If ammunition it too expensive to buy for a period of time, and you have none, you don't shoot. If ammunition is too expensive to buy for a period of time, but you have a large stockpile, aquired at acceptable prices, you can continue to shoot... until such a time as prices drop or you make a determination that you're supply is too low for continued expenditures.

I probably shot more 5.56 and .45 in the year or so immediately after Sandyhook than I have in the last year. I had the ammunition and reloading components on hand in sufficient supply to do so. I haven't shot as much in the last year simply because my time has been spent elsewhere. I haven't stopped buying ammunition or components though.

I DID get caught somewhat short on my preferred .22LR ammunition, and severely curtailed my use of it. Its only in tbe last month that I've been able to find it again, and re stock.
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