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I think it depends a lot on your location. In a rural area for putting food on the table it works great.

For example, Both my parents lived through the depression when they were young, Both grew up on small farms in rural Arkansas. Although there was ammo available to buy, Most people had very little money and stretched what they did have as far as possible.

.22 was the cheapest ammo available and most everyone carried a .22 rifle everywhere they went in case the chance for meat presented itself.

The deer herd was thinned fairly early but squirrel, rabbit, birds, possum and coon could still be found throughout the whole thing although they became more scarce by the time it was over.

A few older folks or those with bad eyesight used shot guns but it was very rare to see anyone with a center fire since ammo was so expensive for them. The meat to ammo expense ratio was the most important thing in those days and the little .22 made the most sense. Home made box traps were used by every one, whether they lived in the country or in town.

My Dad never forgot how hard it was to come up with the money for a box of .22 cartridges and always kept a couple of thousand rounds stored for the rest of his life. I do the same thing, Which really helped when the .22 shortage hit recently and I had plenty on hand and it didn't affect me.

I live in the country on a small farm and the .22 makes perfect sense for me, It might not be as useful for folks in a large city or high crime area. JMO.
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