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Originally Posted by dead eye View Post
10,000 rounds is ammo hoarding....some never have enough ......just saying
10k rounds isn't much for one who shoots regularly, trains or competes... its not hard 5o burn through 1k rounds a month. Having seen more than one retail shortage of ammunition and reloading components, I've learned to aquire what I can, when I can. When I find a good deal, and have the disposable cash available, I'll buy.

When M198 was going for $1 a round or more, IF you could find it, I was shooting about 300- 500 rounds a month.

I did get caught short on my pet .22LR load ( had plenty of various other .22) and I've just been able to find it again. I've picked up 3k over the last month or so, and I'm nowhere close to done buying.

I only reload .45, but have enough components on hand- bought after the initial 2008 panic subsided- to last probably 5+ years of heavy shooting, which I haven't done in a while.

The line between hoarder and preparedness is rather blurry...I like to be able to shoot what and when I want, regardless of a market trend.
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