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Assuming an all Lefty Government:

Answer is, confiscation will only be attempted in a limited set of venues like some cities. Because these are relatively small area with often "army" size police departments.

In the vast majority of America, it will not be possible logistically. It will be "one-off" events, finding guns as a side effect of things like traffic stops, or maybe cops coming into your home because you pissed off your wife and she called on you ;-).

Civil war? Wow, we have covered that in a lot of threads lately...Without organization, team-work, solidarity, sanctuary, support of local PD, it will not be very successful.

One against many, a gun owner doesn't have much chance of survival. That is just the reality of it and has nothing to do with who thinks their brave or who they want to accuse of not being brave.

That is why the Patriot-Miracle in VA is so impressive, they moved the ball forward dramatically in this regard. The "story" has a long way to go in VA and more plans are needed in case the "worst-case" comes to pass, but they have a fantastic start and are heading in the right direction to win their "Civil War" which will bring benefit to all of us.

Lets pray this all gets solved peacefully and according to the constitution. There is a lot of reason to believes this could happen given what POTUS has been doing with the judiciary and how far "to-communist" the left has gone.
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