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Originally Posted by capper View Post
When the gov't gets to the point that they could try confiscating firearms, it will be controlled by the left (obviously).
They won't begin going house to house to confiscate firearms. They don't have to. They will make it difficult to live. They will identify gun owners. Then they will be able to take our social security, empty bank accounts, force health companies to cancel your health insurance, force banks to cancel credit cards, force local governments to turn off utilities, force employers to fire these employees.

This way won't have to start violent situations.

This is real scary to me.
Then what do you suppose will happen? Mass retaliation? Those making the decisions at the top had better live in a bunker because none of them will be safe. I have said it before, just keep on pushing....There will come a point in which the armchair quarterback conservatives will get off their butts when they have had enough. This country will be in for a fight like history has never seen. The Dimtards know it too....
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