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Originally Posted by wccountryboy View Post
Ahhh, the subject of insurgency, my bread and butter...
I don't think there will be an armed insurgency over gun rights. The math just isn't there to support it, nor are their strong national pro 2A leaders.
While its popular on gun sites to pound ones chest and talk about how you'll stand and fight, the securities and comforts of life, and the stability of family isn't something one will easily sacrifice. Americans are not made of the same stuff as they were in 1775...
The Mk 1 Mod 0 defense to this is "I'm staying and fighting "... its nonsense. In the last 5 years (probably more) there have been exactly zero pro 2A victories or headway in places like CA, NJ, NY, CT, etc. Lots of significant losses, and greater infringement. We have members in such places, and they stay.... there is no "fight", those places are wholly and completely lost. People stay primarily for $, but also for comfortable familiarity, climate, family... if they're not willing to accept any of these with no physical risk, why would one believe that they'd sacrifice all of that AND put themselves in harms way as well?
I agree with the "probiotics " (great simile by the way) as some secondary and tircerary things that may be of benefit. However, probiotics don't inoculate one from or cure cancer. They may make you a little mor comfortable, buy you a few extra days or weeks, but the end is the same. Cancer requires decisive, aggressive treatment; that hasn't happened at the National level.
People are voting with their feet and moving out of NY, NJ, CA, & IL, second Amendment freedom is just one of many reasons. I don't know about CT, all that I can say is that I will not move there.
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